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smashah April 26, 2013
hahahahahahahaha nice one... We like it!

AliAli March 22, 2011
A MUST WATCH for a group of friends... You'll definitely get a kick out of it :) Plus many core Islamic concepts are touched up in this movie... Honestly, a great movie...

AliAli March 22, 2011
Important is that we depart from this temporary world as a momin. By the way, I loved this movie... Some scenes are so funny, especially the dialogs. lol.

hassanazh March 21, 2011
hahahahahahahaha nice one... I like it

hassanazh March 21, 2011
Nice drama serial and it is great pleasure to see some descent fun. Nice entertainment

smashah March 21, 2011
VERY VERY FUNNY & IMPRESSIVE MOVIE. By downloading from ShiaTV and sharing with other friends, they are convinced by the courage of Iranians and their love for Islamic Revolution


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