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Nice! However, the Hollywood music in the background not only overly dramatises this very serious video but also undermines its value. :)

  •  Commented on: April 19, 2013

Long march ki bharpoor himaayat???
Qadri saheb kay mutaalibaat 18 karor awaam ki aawaaz???

leaves me wondering :)

ek Ustad kuch kehta hay aur doosra kuch. Phir Khuda kay sadah dil banday kidhar jayen.

  •  Commented on: January 19, 2013

''Indian administered'' Kashmir????? :)

  •  Commented on: June 05, 2012

The little kind-hearted girl kept giving instructions to her brother for steering the kite until it reached a spot where it blocked the sun off the face of the hard working man. Just to help him!

  •  Commented on: April 20, 2012

Yes, the background music is too loud. Please convey the message to the producers to keep it at very low levels. Thank you.

  •  Commented on: April 10, 2012

We Shia have a ''proud to be oppressed'' mentality, true. But Allama saheb is so right that Shia Muslims are also the inheriters of Khyber and Khandaq. I would add Nahrawan to the list. Kharijis must know that we not only have Karbala but also Nahrawan. And Hussain was oppressed, but he fought tooth and nail for his cause until the last blood drop.

  •  Commented on: April 10, 2012

@Mustazafeen: The language on the flyers and stickers on the cup was Norwegian. Around 1200 or so cups (and flyers) were handed out.

  •  Commented on: January 17, 2012

@AliAli: Yes indeed, it is the spirit of Ashura that has made the arrogant powers a victim of insomnia. The downed 'bird' a few days before Ashura should put them at peace for the time being at least. :)

  •  Commented on: December 07, 2011

@Mustazafeen: Yes, I have heard the same about Urdu. Urdu sounds like a beautiful language. There were also Urdu speaking people in the procession. It was a good mix of people with different cultural backgrounds really. But all identify themselves as Norwegian Shia Muslims.

  •  Commented on: December 07, 2011

@Mustazafeen: They are chanting in Norwegian .. Hussain Hussain we chant, Hussain Hussain we mourn, no to terror, no to Yazid, yes to Hussain etc... Ja = Yes, Nei = No :)

  •  Commented on: December 07, 2011

Moreover, making a contract beforehand may also include agreeing in advance that ''whatever is presented, shall be acceptable by the speaker'', if one so much wants to stick to the ruling of the holy Qur'an. The holy Prophet (PBUH) said, ''For every ummah there has been a fitnah. The fitnah of my ummah is wealth''.

  •  Commented on: December 04, 2011

It appears that this gentleman has not studied even a bit of Ilm-e-Mantiq that is one of the foundation subjects when you study (Shia) Islam. Spending 35 dollars on a football match ... is not a good example. He doesn't understand that ''sokhanran'' or ''muballigh'' is not like being a football player who entertains the crowd.

  •  Commented on: December 04, 2011

This really shows that there is a vacuum in Europe (and the western world) where young people too easily become fans of not so qualified speakers with peculiar 'over the top' accents.

  •  Commented on: December 04, 2011

Thank you all :) It is sad (and frustrating) to see that majority of people in the west (and probably many in traditionally Muslim countries) don't even know that there is a crisis going on in Bahrain. They only ''eat'' and digest what the mainstream media feed them. Hopefully, calling F1 Bahrain Grand Prix once again, will make people think.

  •  Commented on: June 10, 2011


  •  Commented on: June 10, 2011

This is one of the best excerpts from the speeches by Agha Jawad Naqvi that I have seen. @inanews keep it up! Yes, the music is a bit annoying. If you have to use it, please keep its volume very low.

  •  Commented on: May 04, 2011
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