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BarakAllah. Btw it looks like you have to wash the head again for the right and left part according to the animation, but I dont think that is needed. Thanks!

  •  Commented on: April 06, 2019

BarakAllah! In other words a sincere monotheist will move towards good and perfection in the long run, and vice versa for a polytheist, because our beliefs affect our actions.

  •  Commented on: April 02, 2019


  •  Commented on: March 21, 2019

BarakAllah fikum. Btw I think ”hame marof midodand” translated ”aware of” should be ”believe is good”

  •  Commented on: March 05, 2019

MashaAllah, BarakAllah, nice, funny, interesting n educating!

  •  Commented on: February 02, 2019
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