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Yeah I know thats true.

  •  Commented on: February 19, 2012

Subhanallah...anyone ever heard of name of Allah inside a tomato,a girls ear and on a cow?

  •  Commented on: February 05, 2012

Ya 3ali ibnal Hussein...3ali ibnal Hussein...Those times are in mind of ours in Ashura'a..Those sad times like the shots that Al-Abbas AS was receiving...

  •  Commented on: January 26, 2012

May Allah SWT bless u...This latmiya is nice and beautiful

  •  Commented on: January 25, 2012

Ya aba abdillah and ahlulbayt...?

  •  Commented on: January 25, 2012

OMG...Ya aba abdillah and ur family...;-(

  •  Commented on: January 25, 2012

To those hands that have been cut off by the unbelivers...they will always be remembered in my soul and heart will be broken for them.

  •  Commented on: January 24, 2012

Oh Abbas...The Son of Ali Ibn Abu Talib...Where are you...our warrior...You were the lion that is against the Kafriin (Unbelivers)...Where are you...our warrior?

  •  Commented on: January 24, 2012

I beware of Allah Islamic brothers...I hope you understand the meaning of these arabic letters.

  •  Commented on: January 22, 2012

Oh Allah the Almighty!

  •  Commented on: January 22, 2012
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