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I simply love Haji Qassem!

  •  Commented on: September 12, 2014

May Allah always protect you Agha Zaidi. Fazail-e-Ahlay Bait(as) are not only for the purpose of "wah wah & naaray baazi" but as you explained, we have to apply seerat-e-Ahlay Bait(as) in our lives. Thats the only true way to express love, faithfulness and slavery to Ahlay Bait(as).

  •  Commented on: June 18, 2013

Your words are so powerful Molana Sahab. Thanks a lot to Mubbalighs like you for guiding us on the right path.

  •  Commented on: June 01, 2013

Bohat khoobsurat baat.

  •  Commented on: April 28, 2013

Eye opener. Another thought provoking lecture. May Allah bless you Agha sahab.

  •  Commented on: April 23, 2013

well recited Masha Allah

  •  Commented on: April 16, 2013

Arming the terrorists, tells who is the real terrorist.
Down with US policies!

  •  Commented on: March 29, 2013

Aap ko shahadat ka azeem martaba mubarak ho Ustad. You always wished for it.
Labbeik Ya Hussain

  •  Commented on: March 18, 2013

Aap ko shahadat ka azeem martaba mubarak ho Ustad. You always wished for it.
Labbeik Ya Hussain

  •  Commented on: March 18, 2013

Ikhtilaf should not be made public. Aap log please personal messages pe debate karen, na ke public forum pe. Hamarey har ikhtilaaf ko dushman exploit kar sakta hay.
At Moderator:
Please ye ikhtilaafi debate delete kar dein, Shia-Shia ikhtilaaf ki public forum pe koi gunjaish nai honi chahye

  •  Commented on: March 16, 2013

The sleeping elite, politicians, generals and ruling class should fear the day when Pakistani Shiites refuse the commands of their Ulema karam. We are 50 million in Pakistan and are fully able to respond all the enemies of humanity.

  •  Commented on: March 07, 2013

We have trust in the leadership of Ulema. Be it MWM or SUC or Agha Jawwad

  •  Commented on: February 26, 2013

I pray for your safety Agha. I pray your guidelines to be understood on a wider spectrum and more people start to listen the true Islam through you. May all the other Shia and Sunni leaders come under your command (Insha'Allah)

  •  Commented on: February 25, 2013

Wow, majority of people do not have this maturity and courage even in the elderly ages. You made me cry dear brother. May we be able to present our lives for the cause of Imam Mahdi(as)
Labbeik Ya Hussain

  •  Commented on: February 17, 2013

Abdul Ghafur Haderi didn't even once condemned the Saudi backed kuffaar of LeJ, it clearly means he has lots of sympathy for them. JUI-F (so called Jamiat Ulema Islam) is the worst religious party and pioneers of Hypocrisy/terrorism/corruption/hate-speeches/sectarianism in Pakistan..... offcourse followed by JI.

  •  Commented on: February 16, 2013

Wow, combination of AMZ, Sir Zahidi, Dr. Shafi and Naqi Hashmi.. One of the best sessions I have ever heard. Really impressed and elated by the joy of being a Shiite. The documentary at end made us cry.

  •  Commented on: February 11, 2013


  •  Commented on: January 17, 2013

Beginning of a Shiite revolution in Pakistan. Salute to all Pakistani Shiites for showing solidarity with Shia-Hazaras. We proved that first we are Shia-Muslims, later comes Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtoon, Muhajir or other ethnicities!
I feel so proud to be a Pakistani Shia. We peacefully overthrown the entire corrupt Yazidi government of Baluchistan!

  •  Commented on: January 15, 2013

English subtitles? or possibility of Urdu/English dubbing?

  •  Commented on: December 25, 2012


  •  Commented on: December 13, 2012

They are Salafis and a government formed by these extremists will only bring further defamation to Islam and trouble for Shiites!

  •  Commented on: December 10, 2012
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